The 155 Project is pleased to announce a presentation of the installation, Falling, with stunning new works by sculptor Judy Sigunick. The centerpiece of the show “Untitled With Rose” evolved over the last decade as the artist came to grips with an event on the world stage that took place in 2003 in Gaza. Reading about the event and the emails the young victim wrote to her mother had a strong effect on Sigunick that “changed everything for me in my studio. The strength of my personal beliefs in the need for a just world outweighed, by far, my Jewish background and an allegiance to an “ism” rather than human life. From then on I vowed to be as candid and thoughtful in my work”. Curated by Scott Broadfoot these hauntingly beautiful sculptures are available for contemplation.

On view: May 23 through June 26, 2013

The 155 Project
155 Orchard Street
LES, New York 10002