The 155 Project is pleased to announce a presentation of the installation “Reparations” with new paintings by Lule Seltzer. The artist discusses her work;

“This series of paintings appeared from an unconscious place: a revelation rather than an invention. As any reparation must imply, an injury or an injustice occurred first. Then came reflection, followed by understanding and compassion. And finally, the attempt to make amends, to soften, to compensate. This process brought me to seek clarity, lucidity in color and atmosphere. I found that the bringing together of broken pieces is best done through lightness and translucence; the calmer the better. While it is tempting to seek sheer transparency, justice seems to insist on leaving marks of the injury. Reparation is thus the process of softening rather than erasing, balancing rather than thwarting.

Whether they offer the gaze of a historical lens or one that relies on personal outlook, whether they attempt to reach loved ones or speak for the socially wounded, these paintings, I hope, would be best viewed as a gesture of restitution. The colors seek to assuage the eye, and the shapes, if simple, are so for the purpose of going back to primal communication, intending to heal, to stitch, to put the pieces back together.”

On View: April 24 – May 19, 2013