Peitho’s Lash

“Peitho’s Lash” is an allegory relating to the embodiment of seduction and its intrinsic peril. Within the classics, Peitho is the personification of persuasion. When she is paired with her lash the idea takes on a more significant form with a foreshadowing of danger. The lash is identified as a goad; a powerful urge which stimulates action to satisfy desire. That which goads to pursue may punish for doing so!

-A satyr saw the boy, and enchanted with his divine beauty he whispered, concealing his words, “all friendly Pietho, manager of the human heart, Grant only that this lovely boy be gracious to me!” ~Nonnus, Dionysiaca –(Greek Epic 5th Century AD)

-“And Aprhodite made plain to Jason the lore of prayers, and spells of magic incatation, that he may rob Medea’s heart… driving her with Peitho’s Lash.” ~Pindar, Pythian Ode 4 ant 10 (Greek Lyric 5th Century BC)

Peitho's Lash, oil, 78 x 46

Peitho’s Lash, oil, 78 x 46