Mantel y Madera

Lule Seltzer
Mantel y Madera
May 18 through June 30, 2014

Through this collection of paintings titled “Mantel y Madera” (Tablecloth and Wood) I am compelled by the relationship between these two materials; their simultaneous opposition and attraction to each other: one soft, the other hard, one feminine the other masculine, one detailed and decorated the other plain and natural. The tablecloth and the wooden surface that holds it are intimate materials, found in homes and used in collaboration with each other. They touch but they remain separate.

This collection is my personal attempt to merge worlds that insist on remaining parallel to each other, to reconcile the painful space between mother and father, versatility and strength, ornamental and functional, extraneous and the essential. I find hope in the struggle to intersect between concepts, to find mutual space.

-Lule Seltzer, 2014